Expectation vs Reality

She told me that the results ‘weren’t dramatic’ enough.

A comment that didn’t really surprise me too much having watched the show. The irony was I thought it was the most impressive part of the show. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of manipulation of the ‘after’ shots, an extremely common practice online.

Slick marketing, along with nutrition and water manipulation, lighting and even photo editing in an effort to have you believe you'll look like (insert celebrity body of choice here) inside 6-12 weeks.

In true spoiler style though - if you don’t want to see the results of the show, look away now.

mer bodycoachresults

Screenshots from the Body Coach TV show on Channel 4

See here’s the thing, and I know we’ve touched on this in previous articles but results rarely come quickly, fat loss seems to happen at precisely half the speed everyone wants - if you lost half a pound this week, you’ll have wanted it to be a pound and on and on.

If you’re on a journey to change your body shape then you’re also more than likely regularly checking the mirror for visible signs of improvement, and if you’re doing that on a daily basis it’s difficult to see progress.

There are, of course those who lose fat quicker than others, those that can seemingly eat what they want and never put on any weight and these are generally the people we compare ourselves too.

None of this is an attempt to put you off your goals, quite the opposite. If the results shown in the TV show were the norm then maybe, just maybe people might re-adjust their expectations and stay true to the course a little longer and therefore find a more sustainable plan.

Expectations are high because we see the outliers all around us, whether it be celebrities or fitness advocates on social media.

And what happens to those who do have the body you aspire to? Well it seems they have an added pressure of keeping in shape, youthful or whatever it happens to be.

The current ‘fitspo's’ we see on social media continue that trend. Know though that most of it is smoke and mirrors. An endless search for the perfect body, timing, angle and lighting. The time in their day that isn't taken up by actual training and/or nutrition, is filled with thinking about training and nutrition. The fitness industry unfortunately is a breeding ground for obsessive compulsive behaviour in certain circles.

Know that this is, in the vast majority of cases, unreal. Take solace in the knowledge that losing body fat takes time, and it's never linear, it's never a perfect downward slope, even if you get everything 'right' there will be roadblocks along the way.

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