Life...but not as we know it

That which limits health goals, is now what the vast majority of us now find in abundance…Time. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to have the ability to work full-time from home you’ve now clawed back time that would ordinarily have been spent commuting.

What if you set yourself a 30 day challenge in coming out the other side of this in better physical condition than you entered?

What if you used this time to instil habits and skills that will endure long after this has passed?

What if you used this time to work on the only things known to protect you against the prospect of avoiding or preventing disease, of any type?

What if, along with your overall condition, as a side effect of the physical it may also ameliorate some of the anxiety and worry this situation natural brings?

From an exercise perspective there is something can be done daily, in spite of your current fitness levels and a gym is far from necessary for this.

From a nutrition perspective, restaurants and bars are closed, your intake is entirely in your own hands, in spite of your kitchen skills.

So take this as a call to action, learn how to move your body in space, educate yourself on the benefits of proper nutrition, I promise nothing will energise and invigorate you more.

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