Build Healthy Habits

Introducing a 4 week course that teaches you how to lose weight without sacrificing your health.

Welcome to a future you.

Low carb or Low fat, Ketogenic diets are all the range but Paleo is better. Atkins works but so does the Meditteranean Diet. Sugar is bad but so is butter. So what the heck do I eat?

nutrition is complicated but we help simplify it and give you an understanding of the principles that you can take on a long term plan.

How it works


Attend the Classes

There are three classes that run once per week, these will cover the curriculum you’ll find here. They’ll all finish with tasks that will build towards long term goals.


Complete the tasks

Each week has two tasks that will help implement future habits slowly and effectively. These can be introduced at your own pace.


Join the Group

We don’t just abandon you after the three weeks, join our private facebook group for ongoing support and to chat to other members.

“This course was the best money I spent in 2020, the information I learnt,
I took to the rest of my family.”

Suzanne H.

Our next course

We have flexible learning but to get the best out of this course we maintain the live sessions will give you the best results.

July 28th:
Female Fat Loss Masterclass

6:30pm – 7:30pm, Delivered through Zoom

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