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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to watch the classes live?

No. There will be recordings available but there are several reasons for attending live. Not all classes follow the same format and we can target the classes a little more specifically to the students when live.

Are there fad diets involved?

No. There are practical tasks attached to each class that will build towards better long term success. We will touch on different diet types and how they work and when they might possibly have their place, but in general we are not fans of extreme or fad diets.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

This very much depends on your starting point. The more weight you have to lose the faster it comes off. We have a whole section on setting goals and setting realistic expectations and how you can manipulate them.

How much does it cost?

The course is €99 and includes your four classes, a 40 page handbook with all of the notes, access to our facebook group for support and any questions at all.

I’ve tried diets before but they didn’t work, what’s different?

There are several reasons why diets eventually fail, and we cover all of them. Sometimes they are overly restrictive, sometimes they have you believe in a magic food or combination of food. Sometimes it can be a gender specific issue. After this course you’ll know exactly how to set things up for success.

Why female fat loss?

90% of the information in this course is applicable to everyone, however through our years of personal training there are female specific issues when it comes to fat loss, that simply aren’t explained anywhere else. Menstrual cycle phases and Menopause and Pre-Menopause in particular.