What’s in
the course?

Getting Involved Is Easy

We’ve made this super easy, our homepage shows the start date for the next course. Sign up and we’ll touch base with personally before you start to get some background information.

Week One

– Basic principles of nutrition.
– The science of fat loss and how it works.
– Female specific issues.
– Psychological aspects to dieting

Week Two

– Goal setting and expectations.
– Behaviour change
– The science behind habit formation

Week Three

– All about exercise.
– The best exercise approach for fat loss.
– How often you really need to exercise.
– Why bother with exercise?

Week Four

– Digestion and digestive issues.
– A brief explanation of gut health.
– A recap of the most important issues.
– A Q&A session of anything specific.

Our next course

We have flexible learning but to get the best out of this course we maintain the live sessions will give you the best results.

July 28th:
Female Fat Loss Masterclass

6:30pm – 7:30pm, Delivered through Zoom

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